The triVANTAGE Advantage

One of the features that makes the inerTRAIN training experience unique is the way we instruct clients on proper form and technique for all of the exercises included in each client’s individual, customized workouts. Each of the exercises used in our clients’ individual, customized workouts contain a written/pictorial description of how to do the exercise, an audio file to guide you while you’re working out (simulates your trainer standing over you reminding you what to do), and our revolutionary triVANTAGE™ fitness videos which demonstrate proper form and technique in a highly innovative way.

As we developed the concept for inerTRAIN, I was especially interested in finding a way to revolutionize the exercise video because, as a client myself, I wanted to find a way to learn proper form and technique as simply as possible while avoiding all of the common errors that most people make when working out. I couldn’t find anything that met all of my criteria, so we developed the triVANTAGE video. It is more than just an everyday fitness “how to”… our videos show each movement from 3 angles at the same time and guide you past the most common errors that clients make when first doing the exercise.

Instead of trying to describe how great the videos are to you, I would rather have you see for yourself:

Bicycle Abs:

Supine Pike: