inerTRAIN expands your business, your knowledge, and your network beyond the walls of your gym or training studio.

inerTRAIN grows your business while you keep your clients moving

Train more clients and make more money

Removing time and distance limitations allows you to fit more clients in your schedule, wherever you are

Our system makes your job easier

We help grow your business and track your clients’ progress so you are free to do what you do best

Keep your current clients engaged at all times

Train them whether they are in Indiana, India, or Indonesia


  • At least 1 year of fitness training experience
  • Recognized national certification and/or college degree in exercise, physiology, or related field
  • Strong communication skills and ability to motivate clients from a distance
  • Working knowledge of computers and internet applications
  • Expertise in developing individual programs for various fitness levels


Commissions are paid on a per-client, per-session basis. Average commissions range from $36-72 per hour based on the number of clients you train, in addition to our incentive and bonus programs.

Register To Become an inerTrainer In 5 Simple Steps

  • 1Online Application Submit your background, experience, and qualifications for review.
  • 2Phone Interview Discuss your personal and professional philosophies and communication style to ensure that inerTRAIN is the right fit for you.
  • 3Trainer Agreement & Certification Fee Sign our trainer agreement and pay the one-time certification fee of $295.
  • 4inerTRAIN Manual Review & Online Evaluation Review the inerTRAIN manual detailing how to train in a virtual environment and complete the online evaluation.
  • 5Orientation Seminar Attend a one-day workshop on how to effectively work with clients virtually using the inerTRAIN system.
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Completion of the inerTRAIN certification process gives you the knowledge and skills to be an effective virtual personal trainer and assures our clients that you have met our stringent requirements and the highest industry standards. BEGIN YOUR CERTIFICATION