Kathy Tossas-Milligan My position to join inerTRAIN is because I feel like…it is a very easy and practical tool that I can use anywhere. Kathy Tossas-Milligan Project Manager, PhD student, & Mom Chicago, IL
Nancy Munro I already worked out a lot so I was skeptical whether or not an online trainer would be able to help improve my fitness level. But I was really challenged and was exposed to a variety of workout plans that allowed me to do many of them from home so I enjoyed the flexibility and the challenge. Nancy Munro CEO Wheaton, IL
Chris Rooney The workouts are always different, which makes it interesting…And, they are super intense. I get in and out of the gym in 45 minutes or less, but I'm usually completely cooked afterward. It’s good stuff. Chris Rooney President & Founder Oak Park, IL
David Kamerman inerTRAIN didn’t let my crazy schedule get in the way of preparing for the upcoming baseball season. I would recommend it not only for athletes, but also for anyone looking to get in shape… it’s like having a personal trainer in your back pocket. David Kamerman Recent College Graduate San Diego, CA
Sarah Barry I'm very happy that I started using inerTRAIN – my trainer is knowledgeable and responsive to my goals and feedback, I love the variety in the workouts, plus it's given me that extra boost of motivation to ensure that I won't just be lazy and blow off a workout. I feel as accountable to my inerTRAIN trainer in completing my workouts as I would if she were a trainer at my gym standing over my shoulder...but this way is a lot less expensive! Sarah Barry Accountant Chicago, IL
Rob Armstrong Only inerTRAIN and Lauren Sylvester can motivate me to get out of my hotel room at 11:30pm while on a business trip. drive to the nearest gym, and sweat my ass off for the next hour. I hurt all over and I probably smell like hell, but I feel great. Rob Armstrong Corporate Business Manager Milwaukee, WI
Dr. John Anderson, DO I've been traveling pretty heavily over the past several years, and since working with my trainer at inerTRAIN, I've been able to incorporate his excellent workouts into my schedule regardless of how bad the hotel "gyms" are. I have no more excuses! I love the flexibility in scheduling, and the variety of exercises in the workouts. Dr. John Anderson, DO Health Care Company Executive Milwaukee, WI


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