Smaller Meals More Often = RESULTS

If your goal was to become the super fat person in a freak show in the fastest possible manner, I would tell you to starve yourself all day, then gorge yourself in the evening before going to bed.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, this is exactly what a lot of us are doing already, thinking, “If I am eating only one meal a day, how can I get fat?”

The trouble with this approach is that you are not eating when you need the calories the most and you are eating way too many when you are doing nothing more than sitting, and doing things like watching TV. You see, large meals stimulate excessive insulin production, and insulin is your body’s most powerful pro-fat hormone. Therefore, you are basically telling your body to store fat by starving it all day. You put the body in a panic mode by making it think it is starving and that it needs to save fat. Then later, when you stuff it, you are telling your body to store as much fat as possible because it will be starving again soon. These are the wrong messages to be sending!

The best approach involves four to six smaller meals spaced throughout the day. Eating more often keeps your body’s “Food Alarm” in check. In addition, eating more often helps accelerate the metabolism. You actually burn calories digesting food.

When you eat every few hours you will have more energy, experience fewer cravings, and will just plain feel better.

If you begin eating several times throughout the day instead of gorging on one big meal, your body has no need to store body fat because it does not think it is starving. Your stomach does not know that there is food available on every corner, it just knows the signals you are sending it and, if the signal is “no food,” your body will go into a fat storing mode!

So remember, do not let yourself get too hungry or too full. By eating smaller meals more often you will keep your blood sugar stabilized and your body will not go into a fat storing mode. Keep your meals small, and your fat loss will be large.