1. Put those jeans 👖 (or shirt or dress or belt) on. Don’t look in the mirror; this is about how you feel, NOT about how you look. Try to button them. How do you feel? Now, remember that feeling.


2. Put your skinny jeans in a place where you will see them every day. Frame them if you have to, and don’t wear them or wash them. This pair of temporarily evil denim pants will be your daily reminder of your commitment to your fitness goal.

3. You will try them on every Monday instead of stepping on the scale (because muscle weighs more than fat), and I guarantee they will fit better and better each week (even if it’s the most miniscule change).


Want to read more about why the skinny jeans test is better than weighing yourself once a week?

Check out **this article**, written by Doug, our Chief Fitness Officer. This is my favorite blog of all time, so I don’t want you to miss it.