My First Detox Experience: Before, During, and After


I had always been very skeptical of the idea of a detox. Growing up in Los Angeles, you were always hearing about the “newest juice cleanse that will purify your body…only $10 per bottle!” or the “magical tea detox that will change your life forever!” It seemed like people were partaking in these things to be part of the fad, not because it was good for their bodies.

Recently I happened to learn about the science behind how a detox works.

Eating high-glycemic foods (like sugar and carbs) spikes your blood sugar, which causes energy to be released quickly and leaves you hungry after an hour or two. In return, you end up eating more sooner, putting you in the endless loop of spikes of high and low energy.

When you only eat low-glycemic foods (like proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables), energy is released more slowly, leaving you full for longer, and eventually leading to eating less.

Knowing this sparked my curiosity. Once I understood why a RESET detox was good for my body, it was easier to make the 5-day commitment.

The detox consisted of replacing your three meals with protein shakes plus two nutrition bars as snacks in between. In addition, you can have a serving of fruit and vegetables and are expected to take vitamins every morning and evening.

(It’s important to note that this is NOT an expensive or harmful juice cleanse or fast. Every shake and bar is full of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. This detox can also be done by eating five small, low-glycemic meals per day, but the pre-packaged RESET kit makes the detox easy and convenient).


I knew the detox would be easier with support from someone I see regularly, so a coworker decided to do it with me. We scheduled 5 days on our calendars where we didn’t have too many food-related commitments (very important…there may be times when you’ll have trouble focusing if you don’t have someone there to keep you on track).

I was prepared to feel hangry and low-energy for these 5 days, and the first two days of the detox were challenging. I felt a little out of sorts and I was questioning if my decision to do this detox was worth it, or if feeling like this could be good for my body.

I realized this feeling was like an addict going through withdrawal…I looked at other people eating normal food with longing and sadness. I dreamed of Friday when I could stuff my face with a giant sandwich or piece of pizza.

But I stayed disciplined. By the third day, my body started to get used to the shakes and bars. When I got hungry, I chewed on some veggies (the crunchier the better). I still wasn’t at my normal energy level, but my cravings for pizza, pasta, and donuts became less and less frequent.

When I looked at other people eating, I was proud for making the difficult decision to stick with the detox. By the fifth day, I felt like I could continue with the detox for longer if I wanted to.

My biggest recommendations for doing the detox are to go for walks everyday and drink a lot of water. It sounds backwards, but doing some low-impact exercise and getting outside when I felt a lull coming on helped most.

Water is very important. I already drink a lot of water (my friends make fun of me for my attachment to my water bottle), but one of the reasons some people get headaches during the detox is because they are not drinking enough. My water-drinking habits helped me a lot, and I never got a headache.


I lost 6-7 pounds during the detox, and I’ve maintained it. After the detox, my stomach felt flat and de-bloated, and I felt good. My skin cleared up from not ingesting as much sugar, and I was motivated to continue eating low-glycemic foods and meals. The carbs I had been dreaming of no longer sounded as appetizing.

Eating normal food felt weird the first day after the detox. I had become accustomed to eating small meals every two hours (instead of the three big meals I usually ate), and I got full from a smaller amount of food. I’ve now adjusted to eating three smaller meals with healthy snacks in between.

Before the detox, I drank a cup of coffee almost every morning. After not having any caffeine for 5 days, I felt jittery and anxious after my first cup. My morning cup of coffee is one of those little things I enjoy and although I will probably never completely give it up, it made me aware of the difference between needing and wanting caffeine.

The 5 days were a challenge, but I felt very accomplished after and it made me realize that I have complete control over my body. Although I was generally healthy and fit before the detox, I learned how to take my eating habits from good to great, which is valuable knowledge that I will take with me into the future as I continue to make healthy habits.

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