“I’m loving the results!”

Wondering if “online fitness training” works? Not sure if it is possible for a trainer to kick your butt from hundreds or thousands of miles away?

It does work and (believe me!) it is possible!

But, I don’t want you to just take my word for it. One of our first clients, Chris Vaisnoras, sent me an email talking about how much he loved the inerTRAIN service and asked if I wanted him to tell his story on our website. He is a true road warrior and wanted the motivation and expertise that a personal trainer can provide, but had to be able to work it into his 100,000-mile-a-year-frequent-flyer lifestyle. Enough from me… Read and watch his testimonial below.

I am generally a very fit person and compete in triathlons each year. However, what I have found is that if I do not have accountability and a set plan each week that is customized to my needs I really do not see the best results in my fitness (i.e.: it makes it 10x easier to slack off, miss a workout, not push myself, etc.).

I signed up for inerTRAIN back at the beginning of September 2010 and have been using the service for the last 3 months and plan to continue using it going forward. My trainer customizes 2 workouts for me each week. I have been very impressed by the results I am seeing from my workouts and from the professionalism of my trainer and the overall site. It has definitely pushed me much harder and given me a plan of what to accomplish each and every time I go to the gym which allows me to make the most of my limited time.

I have established a great relationship with my trainer even though I have never met her or even talked to her! She knows exactly the types of workouts I need and does a great job of pushing me each and every workout. One of my main concerns when signing up was whether or not I would know what the exercises are or how to properly execute them. The video explanations of each exercise have really helped me complete them with the correct form and have also helped me expand the amount of lifting routines I can do.

The combination of the personal customization, the videos for the correct form, having a plan each time I have gone to the gym, and the psychological factor knowing that someone on the other end is holding you accountable for completing each workout have really made a significant difference in the results I have seen over the past few months.

Thank you again Caitlin (my trainer)! I’m loving the results!

Chris Vaisnoras
Entrepreneur, Consultant, “Road Warrior”
Chicago, IL
32 years old

Watch Chris’s video testimonial here: