“I feel like I’m cheating.”

I get this response a lot from my clients when they shift their eating habits to a high fat, medium protein, and low carbohydrate diet. The reason is simple. More fat in your diet will knock out your appetite for hours after you eat and carbohydrates digest rapidly, leaving you wanting more within an hour or so after your meal. If you are eating the correct diet you should not be hungry for several hours after you eat.

In our house we eat three good meals. Breakfast is always high in protein and fat—bacon and eggs, sausage and eggs, or omelets. Start your day off with no carbs and you will be surprised at how much less you need to eat in a day! Lunch is a good time for a big salad with some protein on top. Dinner is a meat portion like meat loaf, pork or beef roast, chicken, etc., and a salad or vegetable.

Stick with foods that are high in fat and protein: they are satiating and your meals will be far more satisfying.

Pay attention to how your body really feels. If you’re truly hungry, then feed your body and stop when you are no longer hungry. When you are not eating processed calorie-dense high carb foods, it does not take nearly as much food to satisfy you. Just make sure you are not feeding your feelings and emotions because they do not get fat, your body does.

There is a very small margin of error between being satisfied and overeating. Sometimes, just one bite less will make all the difference.