I AM inerTRAIN: 2 Trainers’ Perspectives

In February, we took several trainers through our certification process in early preparation for our website launch. After the session, I sat down with two of the trainers to get their thoughts on being a personal trainer and what it means to them to now be able to train clients virtually, anytime, anywhere. It is the first of the upcoming “I AM inerTRAIN” posts which will highlight various perspectives on what inerTRAIN is all about.

We are now recruiting trainers to be a part of this exciting new fitness community. If you are a trainer, or know a great personal trainer, find out more here and start your application today!

How long have you been a personal trainer?
Kevin Purvis: I have been a trainer for 6 years and in the fitness industry for 12. But I started doing push-ups in the crib.
Aaron Guy: I have been a trainer for 6 years, but I’ve been actively involved with my own fitness for 14 years.

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer and what motivates you now?
AG: Working out is such a passion of mine. I like making a career out of something I’m passionate about and working with a diverse group of people. If I could live at the gym, I would. I’ve often thought about sleeping in the massage room so I never have to leave.
KP: Exercise is my passion. I wake up in the morning thinking I need to get to the gym. Clients that are committed to making a change in their lives motivate me. I recently had a client tell me, “I need you. I’m ready.” And, that’s when change happens.

What are the reasons for your success as a personal trainer?
KP: I think my success is my personality. You have to have a personality as a trainer.
AG: I agree with personality and would add a level of commitment. I’m also very business-oriented, but fun, too.

How would your clients describe you as a trainer?
KP: Fun, patient, and non-judgmental. They feel like they can confide in me and that I know where they are coming from.
AG: Being patient, that’s a key. I am committed, enthusiastic, and fun, too – I have a lot of clients say that to me. Clients have said over the years that although they usually dread going to the gym, they look forward to spending this hour at the gym.

How do you inspire your clients?
AG: Have you seen this body or the shirts I work out in?? Seriously, I live by what I preach and clients can see that.
KP: My body. It is about visualization–they can see where they can take their fitness level.

What kind of clients do you like to work with?
AG: Motivated clients ready to make changes in their lives and people who don’t come in with all sorts of preconceived notions about how they are supposed to exercise. I don’t like hearing things like, “My friend’s trainer does this” or “Oprah said that”.
KP: I agree…people with an open mind.

What is your biggest success story as a trainer?
AG: A client of mine lost 110 pounds in about 10 months. When she came to me she could barely walk up a flight of stairs and couldn’t stand on one foot. Now she has done a 50-floor stair climb in less than 20 minutes and ran a 5K in under an hour.
KP: I had an older gentleman who couldn’t lie flat in his bed because he was so hunched forward. Through biomechanical and postural improvements that we worked on, he was able to lay flat in bed. Both he and his wife came to thank me.

What are your biggest challenges?
KP: Staying innovative and fresh with my program design.
AG: Finding enough time in the day to train people and keeping on top of fitness trends.

If you weren’t a trainer, what would you do instead?
KP: I’d like to be a personal shopper or personal stylist (to clarify, not a hair stylist… I wouldn’t touch someone’s hair).
AG: I’d be a dietician.

What do you like about the idea of training people online?
KP: I like that we can help people that might not otherwise come for help, people who don’t come to the gym or are too afraid to work with a trainer.
AG: We can hit a wider demographic of clientele and I can fill holes in my schedule so I can be more productive.

What do you think the biggest challenges of training online are going to be?
KP: Finding clients who can be accountable on their own. Plus, they don’t get to see how cute I am in my workout uniform.
AG: Communication, specifically the relay of information to the clients. But, with good tools, this can be alleviated. It will also be important to reach a level of personalization online that we have in the face-to-face training we do today.

Who do you think will benefit most from online training?
KP: Anyone who has a computer and wants to train. Anyone can benefit.
AG: Especially people who travel, people on a budget, stay-at-home moms, college kids, and businessmen and women in general.