Finding your “why”

Imagine that someone has just asked to film you for a movie role… and you would need to be wearing a bathing suit. Would you be ready?

What if you had three months to prepare? Then would you be ready?

Most people would not be ready for the shoot on the day they are asked. However, given some time to prepare, more people would definitely find themselves set to do it.

In order to accomplish something, it helps to have a reason and a deadline. When it comes to fitness, one of the most common reasons for people to get in shape is quickly approaching – Spring Break. Everyone wants to look good on their warm weather trips, and during the winter months, especially over the holidays, it’s so easy to let your fitness routine and good eating habits go.

First off, to get on the right track, project yourself into the future and visualize how you want to look for that Spring Break trip you will be taking. Be reasonable.

For example, if you have six weeks until you step onto the beach, do not visualize yourself losing 100 pounds. Not only is that not likely to happen, it would actually be a very unhealthy change in that short period of time. Something that large takes a lot of time and is a slow process if you are doing it right. If that is your long-term objective, put the bigger goal further down the road and pick an achievable, realistic intermediate goal, like losing a few pounds or toning, for the shorter term.

Once you have decided on your action plan, start working toward it. Do something every day that will bring you closer to your goal, even if it seems small. Some examples might be starting an exercise routine, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, making sure to eat a healthy breakfast every day, cutting back on your desserts, drinking an extra glass of water, or meeting with a personal trainer. Each of the little things will build on one another and will cumulatively result in achieving your short and long term goals.

Visualize yourself in the shape that you want to be in, begin making small changes, and you will be ready for that beach movie role, wedding, spring break, or anything else! Your ideal body will be reflective of your lifestyle and you will notice that the effort you put forth will become easier and easier.