Fat vs. Weight – the Great Debate

Last week our discussion focused on changing the way we think about eating and how these small changes can make a big difference. Now I want you to change the way you think about weight.

Actually, I want you to forget about weight loss –forever!

In the months before summer, you should only weight yourself once every four weeks. Yes, you should weigh yourself only once a month. Instead of constantly stepping on the scale, find a pair of pants that you can barely button and try them on every Monday. The pants will get looser every time you try them on if you do exactly what I am about to tell you.

A pound of fat is about 1/3 larger than a pound of muscle, yet the fat takes fewer calories to sustain. In other words, the more fat you have in proportion to muscle, the less food your body requires. Correspondingly, the more muscular you are, the more food your body requires. Toned people can sit and eat huge meals without getting fat because they have extremely hungry muscles. Every bit of food they eat is shuttled directly into their muscles and used for energy.

So the change to make this week in your thinking is to not concentrate on losing weight, but concentrate on losing fat and building muscle. You will turn your body into a fat furnace!

Fat loss is a slow and steady process. Daily fluctuations in your body fluids and digestive tract lead to arbitrary figures on your scale. This is discouraging and sometimes depressing.

So, throw that scale out! Utilize the pants test mentioned above. Set the pants aside or hang them where you can see them every day as a reminder. Do not wash them or wear them except for those few minutes of testing. Stick to a moderate strength training regime and a good diet and those pants will fit in no time.