Destruction of “The Diet”

A couple of weeks ago we discussed the constant pressure to eat and how that pressure leads to an inevitable consequence: obesity and diet-related diseases. To battle this pressure, many people turn to diets, appetite suppressors, or a multitude of other methods that can be effective in the short-term… But often, over time, the progress achieved may halt or even regress after the diet or other regimen ends.

So, what is required to make permanent noticeable differences in the way you look and feel? A change in your mindset – a reinvention of the way you eat and live.

One pound of fat has 3,500 calories. If you burn 550 calories a week by doing some basic weight training and 700 calories a week through a 30-minute walk every day, that’s 5,000 calories a month. By burning 5,000 calories a month through exercise, you could potentially lose about 1.5lbs of fat a month or close to 9lbs in six months! Not a bad start.

In addition to this very simple fat-burning exercise regime, let us look at how to reinvent the way we eat through five simple points:

  • 1. Drink more water
  • 2. Eat smaller meals more often
  • 3. Slow down while eating
  • 4. Realize just how hungry you are and do not eat past your comfort level
  • 5. Be in control of your dining out experience and do not eat just because it is there

Adopt these and you will begin to change the way you think about eating and start to see permanent results… which is more powerful than any diet out there.

If you are still yearning for what to eat here are two major things that you can do to get started:

  • 1. Stop drinking soda – period. It’s bad for everything from your skin to your organs.
  • 2. Always, always, ALWAYS eat breakfast. Coffee cake alone will not count as a sufficient breakfast – it must have a high amount of protein.

As you can see, the start of achieving your goal of having a healthy body comes with changing the way you think about living and eating. If you make these small changes this year, I guarantee you will see results and you will never look at another diet again.