You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

How do I pick a trainer?

Upon signing up, clients will complete a comprehensive questionnaire concerning their current fitness level, lifestyle, goals, and what they look for in a trainer. The results are then processed through our trainerMATCH™ algorithm and we match you to the top 3 trainers for your needs. Alternately, you can search through our entire trainer database and select any trainer you think would be best suited to you.

What if the trainer I want is at capacity?

If the trainer you want to work with is at capacity, you can write to inerTRAIN through the contact listed on our Contact page and request him or her to increase capacity. inerTRAIN will contact the trainer with the request, but the decision to increase any capacity is determined entirely by the trainer.

I have signed up with inerTRAIN, filled out the questionnaire, and selected my trainer. What should I do now?

First, pat yourself on the back. You are on your way to a healthier lifestyle! In the next 24 hours, your trainer should be in contact with you for the first time. In this first message, he or she will ask any additional questions needed to get you started and just get to know you a little better. With this information, your trainer will construct your first workout. While waiting for your trainer to contact you and send your first session, we recommend that you complete our fitAGE™ assessment and upload your “before” fitness photos into your private account so you and your trainer can have a good idea of where to start.

What types of training packages does inerTRAIN offer?

inerTRAIN offers a wide variety of packages ranging from a 2-week trial to an unlimited workout plan. Whether you are just getting started on your health journey or are a veteran who is looking to take your fitness routine to the next level, inerTRAIN has a package to meet your needs. Our monthly plans are based on workouts 2 times, 3 times, and unlimited times per week, and automatically renew each month. You can also purchase 6- or 12-month packages for greater savings. Our "6 Pack" gives you the most flexibility with 6 sessions that can be used anytime in 6 months—use them 6 days in a row or as you need them. This is also the best way to complement sessions with your face-to-face trainer if you are on the go.

How does the price compare to face-to-face personal training?

inerTRAIN offers you real personal training at a fraction of the cost of traditional face-to-face training! The current national average cost for face-to-face training session is between $60 and $70, while inerTRAIN’s per-session rate ranges from $9―$16 dollars (package dependent), even though you are receiving the same personal attention and customized workouts from your trainer.

How does the "6 Pack" work?

The “6 Pack” provides users with six workouts which can be used at anytime over the course of 6 months. 6 months after the plan is purchased, any unused sessions will expire.

I bought a monthly package, but what if I am sick or otherwise unable to do my workouts for a week?

In order to motivate clients, inerTRAIN employs a “use-it-or-lose-it” system. Depending on the duration of your package (monthly, semi-annual, annual) you will be given a set number of workouts to be completed at your pace within the plan’s duration. When the plan expires, your unused sessions will also expire. Remember, your trainer can create workouts for any circumstance in your life, so your excuses are limited for missing a workout! If you have to miss sessions, work with your trainer to add extra sessions in for the remaining weeks of your current plan.

When does my recurring billing begin?

Recurring billing is tied to any of our monthly, semi-annual, or annual packages. After your first plan expires, you will be automatically charged for another plan of the same type so you can continue on your fitness journey uninterrupted.

How do I communicate with my trainer?

All client-trainer communication is facilitated through the inerTRAIN system. Trainers and clients can send messages back and forth, put comments in any workout, and can instantaneously communicate via our inerTEXT™ module.

What is inerTEXT™?

inerTEXT™ is the fastest, most accessible form of communication available to a trainer and client. Through the inerTRAIN system, trainers can send text messages directly to a client’s phone and the client can instantly send a response text back. It's like your trainer is right there with you!

What if I want to change the phone that receives my inerTEXT™ messages?

If you need to change the mobile number to which your inerTEXT™ messages are sent, all you have to do is go into your inerTRAIN profile from your dashboard homepage and change your phone number to the number at which you wish to be reached.

Can my trainer work with/around my injury(ies)?

Absolutely! If you let your trainer know of any temporary or chronic physical issues you have, he or she can create a workout specific to those needs, no matter what your physical condition is.

How does inerTRAIN keeps its clients motivated with and during their workouts?

By getting to know their clients, trainers customize each workout to not only meet their clients’ physical needs but also make them enjoyable. Through the constant interaction provided by inerTRAIN’s messaging system and the inerTEXT module, clients are held to a high level of accountability.

Can I meet my trainer face-to-face?

inerTRAIN does not facilitate face-to-face interaction. If you would like to meet your trainer in person, this is entirely up to you and your trainer.

What if I am not satisfied with my trainer?

If you have any issues with your trainer, first communicate these issues to your trainer and see if he or she can adapt to better suit your needs. If you are unable to resolve the issue with your trainer directly, contact the inerTRAIN team via the messages module in your dashboard or at info@inerTRAIN.com, and we will help match you with a new trainer.

When and where do I have access to my personalized workouts?

Whenever and wherever! Wherever you have access to the internet with an internet-capable device, you can view your inerTRAIN workout. You can even print it out if you want to complete your workout in a location where there is no internet available!

When do my sessions start?

Your plan will start when your trainer sends your first workout. Upon registration, you will hear from your trainer within 24 hours and he or she will send you your first workout shortly thereafter, once he or she has had a chance to review the information you submitted in your profile.

When do my sessions expire?

Depending on the plan you choose, sessions will expire at the end of the timeframe for your plan. Currently we offer monthly, 6- and 12-month plans, our “6 pack” (6 sessions over the course of 6 months), and a 2-week trial.

Can my trainer provide me with sport-specific training?

Yes! If you inform your trainer of any sports in which you are involved and any specific needs or goals, he or she can create workouts specifically designed to help enhance your athletic performance.

Why do I only receive one workout at a time from my trainer?

This is real personal training and each workout is custom-made based on your previous workout’s results and any changing circumstances that you have (location, time constraints, available equipment, etc.). By only delivering one workout at a time, your trainer can ensure maximum quality in every workout provided and give you the most efficient exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.

How do I know if I am using the proper form and technique for an exercise?

Through our innovative triVANTAGE™ videos, written descriptions, images, and audio files, you can watch and learn the proper form and technique for any exercise in your workout.

How will my trainer determine how much weight I should use during the first couple of workouts?

He or she will estimate the weights based on your fitAGE™ results or a benchmark workout, but your feedback will be critical in the first few weeks so that your trainer can make a program to perfectly fit your needs and abilities.

What if my trainer gives me a workout I cannot complete because I lack the necessary equipment?

Communicate with your trainer which equipment you have available and he or she will modify your workouts according to the equipment to which you have access.

What if my workouts are too easy or too difficult?

Provide your trainer with feedback about your workouts, whether they are too easy, too hard, or just not what you expected. This is YOUR personal trainer. He or she will work with you and modify any workouts to ensure the highest satisfaction and results with each session.

I finished my workout. How do I get the next one?

Click "Finish" at the bottom of your workout screen, and you will be able to provide feedback for your trainer. Your trainer will review the feedback and create a brand new workout based on the results and post it as soon as he or she has created it.

How will I track my progress while using inerTRAIN?

In addition to Benchmark Workouts that your trainer will provide, inerTRAIN has developed fitAGE™, an innovative and comprehensive method for determining your fitness level. This assessment provides you with a realistic evaluation of your health based on a number of tests, measurements, and exercises. We recommend you complete this evaluation once every three months to demonstrate results over time.

What is inerTRAIN®?

inerTRAIN® is a fitness revolution! We provide real, customized personal training from your own dedicated personal trainer, delivered to you online. inerTRAIN is a personal fitness concierge service, allowing you to fit in your workouts and achieve your health and fitness goals whenever, wherever, and however it works best for you.

Does inerTRAIN only provide online workouts to its clients?

NO! inerTRAIN delivers the real personal training experience of you working closely with your own dedicated personal trainer. inerTRAIN not only provides workouts, but also fitness advice, motivation, accountability, support, and a lot more to help you achieve your fitness goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

How is this different than an app on my phone?

inerTRAIN does not just provide generic workout plans or workout videos. We enable the authentic one-on-one personal training relationship with your trainer. Your trainer will customize workouts for you, when you want them and how you want them.

How do you keep it personal without having face time with your trainer?

Each workout is custom-created for each individual client, and the trainer works to motivate you and hold you accountable to the goals that you have set. Through the high amount of online communication involved with inerTRAIN, trainers get to know their clients and form a deep and consistent relationship.

How experienced are inerTRAIN's trainers?

Our trainers come with a variety of experience, specializations, and certifications to meet the needs of any client. All trainers, however, must have at least one year’s worth of experience as a personal trainer and must also complete a rigorous training course to become certified to inerTRAIN’s standards.

Can inerTRAIN also help with my nutritional goals and plans?

Yes! Our trainers are capable of providing you with nutritional tips and advice based on your needs and goals. The inerTRAIN blog and content within the fitVAULT™, our online resource library, also provide great sources for tips, advice, and motivation regarding nutrition.

Does inerTRAIN have a gym, or is it completely online?

There is no inerTRAIN gym or location. Although inerTRAIN is headquartered in Los Angeles, our trainers and clients are located all over the country (and the world). Our whenever, wherever promise means you can get a custom workout from your trainer for your desired workout location and in any timeframe you want.