Anna Irene Onderik
At Capacity

Anna Irene Onderik

  • Training Style Coach
  • Years Experience 2-3 years
  • Location Austin, TX United States


Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

About Me

Hello! My name is Anna and I am excited to meet you! I have been on my own fitness journey for 4 years now and the learning never stops. I have trained like a bodybuilder, endurance athlete, and Crossfitter and have used many hybrid methods to try to get the best of everything. It was easy in college to take hours completing my workouts and try to eat as healthy and clean as possible. Now that I have moved to a new city with my boyfriend and actually see him almost every day after 2.5 years of distance, the last thing I want to do is spend hours in the gym. With a career change and a pup added to the mix, now I really do not want to spend my time at the gym. I workout 3-4 times per week for about 20-30 minutes a day. It's usually high-intensity work so even though the session is short, I am sweating hard! I like to take the weekends to hike and explore as there are many things to do outdoors in Texas. Not all of Texas is a desert?! Shocker! Other things that keep me active are Zumba (I was a dancer up until college), trail running (a lot more fun than road running), and walking, rather than driving, whenever feasible. When I am not being active or creating lots of programs, I can be found outside soaking up some Vitamin D or watching NCIS, my favorite television show. I love to bake and my favorite sweet treat is an ice cream cookie sandwich. I'm originally from Michigan and I do actually kind of miss the snow. It adds that little extra magic during the holiday season, but I sure don't miss shoveling it. I hope we have some things in common or create new shared experiences together!

My Training Philosophy

My philosophy revolves around functional fitness and balance. I believe in injury prevention, creating a solid foundation through movement patterns, and performance in whichever form it takes, all while training the mind as well as the body. My core values include discipline, effort, and fun. We integrate these values into our workouts which can impact our daily lives. Fitness should fit into and aid our life, not take away from it. This philosophy gives me the ability to train a variety of individuals and their specific needs.

How I Can Help You

Our life does not revolve around fitness. We work hard in the gym so we can enjoy our lives outside of it. We achieve this balance by taking into consideration your lifestyle, goals, wants and needs and my knowledge to form a program that is right for you. We advance it with the progress that you make and adjust it as new goals are created.

My Specialties

I have worked with older adults who want to be able to play with their grandchildren and Division I athletes who want to excel at their sport. I have trained people who want to improve their performance and push their bodies to the limit in Crossfit-style workouts and clients who want to lose some weight to feel better about themselves. I currently am working on a Youth Fitness Certification to coach and train our young ones in a safe and fun way!


  • West Virginia University, BS Sport and Exercise Psychology, 2016
  • University of Georgia, MS Kinesiology, 2018