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What 90 Days Can Do For You

As I write this post, we are nearly 90 days into the year…how are you doing with the New Year’s Resolutions you set on January 1st? It’s often during January when we reflect on our goals and objectives for the … Continued

“I Feel (Skinny) Fat.”

Don’t you hate hearing someone say, “I feel fat,” only to look up and see that it’s a person who looks really skinny? Before you roll your eyes in disgust or make a snarky comment the next time this happens, … Continued

Goal Setting: A How-to Guide

January is a time for reflecting on the past year and looking forward to the next. Now is the time of year when we tend to set goals for ourselves, calling them “New Year’s Resolutions.” We proclaim things like, “I … Continued

Jingle all the way… to the gym

After the cookies, calories, and carols, lift your holiday spirits (and your energy) while you’re working out with these not-so-traditional jingles: · Christmas Hits Remixed · Christmas Workout · Cardio Christmas · Super Cardio Christmas Try one of these playlists … Continued

“I’m loving the results!”

Wondering if “online fitness training” works? Not sure if it is possible for a trainer to kick your butt from hundreds or thousands of miles away? It does work and (believe me!) it is possible! But, I don’t want you … Continued

The Other Side of Fitness

Last week we addressed weight loss vs. fat loss. Indeed, the goal of shedding pounds is the most common health and fitness goal. However, it is important to realize that everyone is different and may have a different fitness goal… … Continued