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Muscle: The Fountain of Youth

Have you ever had an old pair of pants that are finally back in style that you couldn’t wait to wear again? Maybe you eagerly tried them on but found that although you still weigh the same, the pants no … Continued

Counteracting the Cost of Convenience

Effort…we have heard that word before. Have you ever noticed that the more effort something takes the more satisfaction you get from completing the task at hand? Sixty years ago—even as little as thirty years ago—the average person did much … Continued

A Dozen Healthy Habits

Making healthy choices is sometimes difficult because it may cause significant shifts in our typical behavioral routines and it requires consistent commitment. Consciously deciding to make these healthier choices is one thing—sticking to the behaviors is quite another. We have … Continued

Travel Essentials

Whether it’s for business or pleasure (or both), many of us are regular travelers. While we’re on the road, we may not always take the time to incorporate our normal healthy habits into our daily routine. Let’s get real here; … Continued

45 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health

Why do we eat so much sugar? Obviously, sugar tastes good. We crave it. We enjoy treats to reward ourselves or celebrate special occasions. Foods high in sugar are easy and convenient (they are everywhere). The list goes on and … Continued

90 Days vs. a Lifetime

I’ve been asked several times about what I think of programs like P90X® (including some readers of the inerTRAIN blog). So I decided to put together my review of it. The P90X fitness program is a sound workout program because … Continued

“How Often Should I Work Out?”

People ask me how often they should be working out, frequently assuming that “more is better.” While I recommend some type of physical exercise daily, the preferred weight training workout frequency is three times a week. For most people, that’s … Continued

Straighten Up!

Did you know that in LESS THAN ONE SECOND you can: – reduce your waist by up to 2 inches? – flatten your belly instantly? – gain as much as 2 inches in height? – lower your blood pressure? – … Continued

The Restorative Power of Rest

Technology is increasing the pace of our everyday lives and the length of the day. Thomas Edison believed that people didn’t need as much sleep as they were getting, and he developed the light bulb with the belief that most … Continued