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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. John Anderson "I have no more excuses! I love the flexibility in scheduling, and the variety of exercises in the workouts."
Dr. John Anderson, DO
Health Care Company Executive
West Bloomfield, MI

Sarah Barry "I feel as accountable to my inerTRAIN trainer in completing my workouts as I would if she were a trainer at my gym standing over my shoulder...but this way is a lot less expensive!"
Sarah Barry, Accountant
Chicago, IL

Rob Armstrong "The results… 10lbs in four weeks with an average of 4 workouts completed each week… that's all I needed to see. inerTRAIN has me moving and succeeding."
Rob Armstrong
Corporate Business Manager
Milwaukee, WI

Regina Mamou "As a client based in Amman, Jordan, I took their philosophy of “anytime anywhere” to heart. There is no better way to work out overseas than with this customizable program!"
Regina Mamou, Artist
Amman, Jordan/Chicago, IL

Chris Vaisnoras "My trainer knows exactly the types of workouts I need and does a great job of pushing me each and every workout… I’m loving the results!"
Chris Vaisnoras. Entrepreneur & Consultant
Chicago, IL

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